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Meet Valerie

I’m Valerie, and I like finding things to do that are one of a kind, ignite curiosity, and leave me feeling good in Washington, DC. I’ve spent the past 16 years exploring and getting to know DC, and there’s always more to learn.

After over a decade in DC, the novelty of the popular events that you hear about wore off, and I wanted to do more than just go to bars and restaurants. A person’s time is their most valuable resource.

I’m a content creator who fell in love with making short-form videos on TikTok and Instagram, and I created this blog to go deeper into things to do, eat, and know in Washington, DC.

What I love is going on deep dives about the weird and unique little things I find (like Cowtown and the bus roadeo) that make me stop and say “wait, what!?” I love talking about this stuff, and being able to find others who also find it interesting and want to talk about it has been the coolest part of this entire journey.

You can always get in touch with me.

About Not Bored in DC

Not Bored in DC started where all good things start: in the group chat. In spring 2023, I started sending my friends fun facts about DC each morning, and they really liked them. They started some fun conversations, and I realized that not everyone knew all the history that I took for granted.

I started posting them on TikTok, along with recommendations of fun things to do and my favorite restaurants. In late June 2023, I decided that I had something worthwhile. I created my Instagram account and started taking it more seriously.

I felt like so many local accounts were talking about the same places and events. Embassy events and museum parties are fun (well, at least museum parties are), but there’s so many more weird and wonderful things about DC to explore. I wanted to capture that.

The most surprising thing that has come out of this journey is the way being Not Bored in DC has become a self-fulfilling prophesy. By talking about things I found interesting, I’ve found more people who have similar interests that I can share this with. By searching for new things, I’ve discovered new places and experiences that I never expected. I’ve been exploring even more, and I’ve opened my mind even more.

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