Last updated: December 31, 2023

Not Bored in DC is committed to providing reliable, entertaining, and informative content about activities, events, restaurants, bars, history, and fun facts in Washington, DC, and surrounding areas.

Content Creation

  1. Accuracy & Verification: We strive for accuracy in all our posts, verifying information from reliable sources.
  2. Independence: Our content remains independent of any influence from businesses or organizations we cover.
  3. Transparency: Any potential conflicts of interest will be disclosed.

Research Process

  1. Diverse Sources: We use a variety of sources including local news, firsthand accounts, historical archives, and official documents.
  2. Fact-Checking: Information is fact-checked for accuracy before publication.
  3. Local Insights: We prioritize local expertise and perspectives to capture the essence of the DC area.
  4. Continuous Learning: Our team stays informed about the latest trends and developments in Washington, DC.

Advertising & Partnerships

  1. Clear Distinction: Advertisements and sponsored content will be clearly marked.
  2. Editorial Independence: Sponsorships will not influence editorial content.

Corrections & Updates

  1. Responsibility: We commit to correcting errors promptly.
  2. Updates: Significant updates to content will be clearly indicated.

User Engagement & Feedback

  1. Community Building: We aim to foster a respectful, engaged, and positive community, promoting interactions that contribute to a welcoming environment for all readers.
  2. Comments Policy: We encourage respectful, constructive comments and reserve the right to moderate.
  3. Feedback: Reader feedback is valued and will be considered in content creation.